Thursday, January 24, 2013

coffin club

“Coffin Club”

Characters:The main character in the book is a young teenager who has graduated high school.She is the protagonist of this story. Her name is Raven. She is a goth girl who is in love with a vampire. She hates her parents, because she says they don’t understand her. Raven is the main character that changes the most out of all the characters.

Alexander Starling is Raven’s boyfriend.He is the protagonist of the story. Alexander isn’t your typical teenage boyfriend. He is a nice,handsome vampire, who totally loves Raven. He sometimes over-protects her and doesn’t know what makes her happy or unhappy. Alexander hides a deep secret that only him and his butler know about.

Phoenix is the antagonist of this book. He is The mean vampire who wants to over power anything that is human. He is the owner of the coffin club and wants all vampires to be open out. He wants all his crew to be out and open with all humans.

Jagger is a vampire that wants to help other vampires so they wont be killed by humans. He is the protagonist of the story.Jagger is Alexander’s biggest secret. Jagger is secretly Alexander Sterling. Jagger is a purple haired vampire who wants to help all the vampires that are in danger.He wants the coffin club to remain a secret so they can keep the only place they can be themselves,”vampires.”vampires are very dangerous.they can kill you and drink your blood. i know for a fact that they are very dangerous. they have been around for quit a while and are very harmful to human life. we never know if someday there will be vampires crawling around in our city. i hope that we never get any in our community

Summary: Raven is a young girl who is in love with Alexander Sterling. Raven is aware that Alexander is a vampire and she accepts him for who he is. Alexander is a vampire that doesn’t like to harm humans. He doesn’t drink human blood. In the other hand, Jagger which is the owner of the coffin club wants to expose vampires to the whole world. He wants vampires to rule the world. Jagger wants to take over anything that is human or mortal. Alexander has a secret identity that no one is aware of except for his butler and himself. He is secretly pretending to be Phoenix.Phoenix wants the coffin club to remain a secret. He doesn’t want the coffin club to be exposed or invaded by any humans. Phoenix doesn’t want to harm humans in anyway. The problem with this is that he will be getting in a fight with Jagger over who will be the official owner of the coffin club.The coffin club is a night club that anyone can go to even humans. Deep way deep under that club there is a secret club. A club that is the true coffin club. It is in a basement that takes about ten minutes just to get to underground. The royal secret of the coffin club is that only people with a key can come in. When I say “people” I mean only vampires.


Setting: The setting of “The coffin Club”takes place at the coffin club. Which is a club that is very popular in Hipsterville. This story also takes place in Raven’s aunt’s house which is just about 25 minutes away from the Coffin club.

Personal impression:  “The Coffin club,” was a really good book. It had many good details and it kept me wanting to read more and more. I really enjoyed this book it gave me a reason to keep reading. In this book i learned that some vampires could me harmful and some aren’t. “The coffin club” was another book inspired by the “Twilight Saga.” In this book there were many weaknesses and many good points to it. One weakness was that it didn’t quit explain why the protagonist and antagonist fought in the story. A good point was that it gave a good explanation of the characters and the setting. Overall, from one to ten i would rate this book a seven.

It won the The national bestselling series.

Fun facts about “the coffin club”:

  • It was based on a real club down in a dungeon.
  • Hipsterville is a real city in Los Angeles